Wireless connectivity

WARP enabled IOT Sensors to connect to internet at highspeed using its WIFI-Mesh technology .

Comprehensive Hardware support

WARP support most common hardware platform .

SDK for Mobile platform

WARP includes SDK for Android .which makes it easier to customize

Cloud Storage

WARP servers provides complete infrastructure to save your IOT data in cloud in secure way .

WARP servers provides comprehensive REST APIs to retrieve or post data easily .

Wifi Mesh Network

Using its unique Wi-Fi Mesh formation at 2.4 Ghz, it can extend the range for remote sensor nodes to 1024 hops keeping the bandwidth drop at each node to minimum. This enables WARP to cover a large area and connect remote sensors to the Internet efficiently and effectively at up to 300Mbs speed.

Support for Ecosystem

WARP is compatible with most ecosystems and  can work seamlessly with other brands of IOT products

WARP Core Features

IOT Sensors Data collection

WARP provides easy APIs via most common protocols to transfer the IOT/M2M sensor data to the cloud securely and cost effectively.

Location Awareness and Tracking

WARP's  Wi-MAP Engine is an Indoor Location Intelligence Platform . It can be used to collect movement of people through an area, provide them with turn-by-turn indoor guidance on a map or floor plan, and trigger actions when a device is near or leaves a point of interest.

Low latency Audio Streaming!

WARP , provides best in industry Audio Streaming capability with very low end-end latency .

WARP multizone , enables playing synchronous audio in multiple recievers in same time .

Video Streaming and IP camera

WARP , provides video best in class video streaming capabilities and opens a world of video analytic based applications.

Smart Home and Smart Switch

WARP support , most Smart home and Smart Switch applications .WARP android SDK provides easily customizable methods for build smart home devices .

Voice assistant Based applications

WARP supports industries best Voice assistant .And provides easy way to build Voice assistant based applications

WARP Demos and Projects