WILLP’s intelligent Wi-Fi interference detection and avoidance capability gets you the best ever audio streaming experience .
The platform also supports most of the major music streaming services and solutions and provides comprehensive software which allows your product to hit the market faster and more efficiently.

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WILLP – Wireless Intelligence Low Latency Platform is an unique ultra low latency audio streaming platform designed to provide a complete wireless solution for Home Audio Systems and Professional Conference Systems. And with it’s ultra low latency streaming capability , WILLP enables you to even sync its audio with a Video playing in TV or Tablet.

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With WILLP-Multizone, you can stream your music to upto 64 speakers in Sync and experience your music throughout your home .

As WILLP works over standard Wifi with a Path Latency less than 18ms ,it becomes the obvious choice for building wireless home theatre ,Karaoke Systems and audio conference systems .

WILLP also makes it possible to make your music follow you seamlessly everywhere in you home .

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Ultra Low Latency

Ultra-Low path latency <18ms at 2.4G Wifi and with node-node latency in micro seconds

Wifi 802.11n

Wireless Audio Solution based on 802.11 n with option of 1x1 and 2x2 MIMO

Music Services

Support for most internet based Music Services