WI-Connect : Providing High Speed Connectivity to Internet

WARP Provides support for all wireless technologies along with Self Healing Wifi Mesh network.

WARP is designed to not only can connect all Digital and modern Equipment to the cloud , but also designed to connect traditional Analog devices/systems to the internet using its proprietary WI_Mesh Technology , which extends the range of traditional WIFI by multiple times .

WARP's Wi-Fi-Mesh is based on Wifi 802.11n and provides a complete infrastructure to collect remote data and transfer it to the cloud at very High Speed compared to Bluetooth and Zigbee counter parts . Using its unique Mesh formation at 2.4 Ghz , it can extend the range for remote sensor nodes to 1024 hops keeping the bandwidth drop at each node to minimum . This enables WIP-Mesh to cover a large area and connect remote sensors to the internet access points efficiently and effectively. WI-Mesh can accurately transfer High Speed data at 300Mbs .

Its unique Interference Detection and avoidance algorithm (IDAA) reOrganizes the Mesh to keep Bandwidth available to Maximum.

Wifi 802.11 b/g/n/ac

Suport for Wifi b/g/n/acĀ 

Bluetooth and BLE

Support for Bluetooth and BLE based applications


Zigbee based applications and gateways

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